Restoring Lives International is a deliverance ministry that helps people discover how to live healthy, healed, whole lives.

Authority in Inner Healing, Deliverance, Training and Equipping the Saints for 20 years! 11,000+ Lives Transformed!

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At our deliverance conferences & seminars we teach and minister healing and freedom.  Through God’s love and power, 11,000+ lives have been touched!


We celebrate changed lives!


Fear Relieved – Hope Conceived!

Fear Relieved – Hope Conceived!

My husband Joshua and I came to the RLI conference in January 2013. We had 2 small children. My last pregnancy had been very difficult, leaving me afraid of being pregnant again. I was so afraid, I asked God to “Give me a break” from having children. Our baby began...

Tracy’s Story:  Freedom from fibromyalgia is just the beginning…

Tracy’s Story: Freedom from fibromyalgia is just the beginning…

When I think of what my life was like before my first conference in May of 2005, I shudder! It’s not like I didn’t love the Lord. I did - and do even more now. That wasn’t the issue. I simply didn’t know how approachable God is and how much He wants to be a part of my...

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