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Restoring Lives International is a deliverance ministry that helps people discover how to live healthy, healed, whole lives.

Authority in Inner Healing, Deliverance, Training and Equipping the Saints for 20 years! 11,000+ Lives Transformed!

Your Journey to Freedom Starts NOW

At our deliverance conferences & seminars we teach and minister healing and freedom.  Through God’s love and power, 11,000+ lives have been touched!


We celebrate changed lives!


Craig & Connie’s Story:  Deliverance from Mental Chaos

Craig & Connie’s Story: Deliverance from Mental Chaos

In the fall of 2022 my husband, Craig, and I surprisingly found ourselves on the brink of divorce. Craig was my best friend ever since we started dating, but suddenly, we found ourselves constantly arguing. Our family unit was slowly deteriorating. At moments, I...

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