What Is Restoring Lives International (RLI)?


Restoring Lives International (RLI) is Christian deliverance ministry that helps people discover how to live healthy, healed whole lives with an authority in Inner Healing, Deliverance Ministry, training and equipping the Saints with Kingdom Life Tools. RLI was birthed in 2004 following the dramatic healing of Bryn Kelly and her daughter, Kari.  Bryn and her husband Michael started sharing their experiences and over the past 20 years, 11.000+  lives have  been touched and healed.  Today RLI has a diverse, loving team of highly skilled, passionate volunteers from various backgrounds and denominations.

Our Mission: Restoring Lives International is dedicated to passionately helping the body of Christ break free from destructive cycles and negative circumstances in their lives through deliverance, so that they can live physically, emotionally, spiritually and relationally healed and restored as the Bible teaches.

Our Vision: Every person who walks through our doors will hear the truth of God’s word and will experience His healing, restoring, transforming love in every area of their life and being, and then be equipped to do the same for others.  In turn, their personal revival will become a part of a great move of God’s healing love to REACH across our nation and into the world.

Located in Cincinnati, Ohio, we primarily serve the Tri-State area of Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana, though people come from all over the world to attend our RLI events.  We have witnessed 11,000+ lives restored.

Throughout the year, RLI hosts conferences, seminars, workshops and training sessions to bring healing and restoration to people’s lives.  These events touch every area of a person’s life.  People not only get free … but they also stay free!  Our events are unique because through teaching and deliverance, they help people uncover, address and break free from those areas that are keeping them stuck and holding them back from living God’s best.

Our passion is that every person who walks into our events will not only hear the truth about God’s love, but also experience His restorative love for themselves!

You can’t argue with success!  Thousands of people’s lives have been healed and restored from: physical and emotional sickness, pain, depression, fear, insecurity, anger, addictions, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, diabetes, arthritis, learning disabilities, cancer, bi-polar and more.  We see marriages, family and church relationships restored.  We see hope, joy and peace restored God’s Way!

If you would like to know more about Restoring Lives International (RLI), then please contact us at (513) 204-9137.

What makes RLI different?



We address the toxic root issues in people’s lives that may be affecting their physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health


We teach the Mind-Body Connection: Doctors and medical scientists all agree that our thoughts and emotions affect our physical and mental health.


Each teaching module is very comprehensive and extensive so that a person can successfully identify and deal with their root issues.


We teach Biblical principles and life changing tools to get well and stay well.                                      


We teach and minister Father’s and Mother’s love.



Spiritual/personal Cleansing


Throughout our conferences and seminars we offer prayer, healing and restorative ministry.                                


Following each conference, we offer a 5 week support system called Root Group that helps people to successfully walk into their health, healing and wholeness.


We invest in people through equipping, training and releasing them into ministry and destiny.
Our Story


May 2003 changed our lives forever. We found answers to healing and health that we never knew existed! Our daughter Kari came home from college very ill with fibromyalgia and other physical and emotional problems. For 30 years, Bryn was plagued with her own health issues – battling sickness, disease, and emotional torment. Bryn and Kari were spending many hours with doctors, counselors and other health care professionals with no relief in sight. We were desperate for answers, confused, and wondering why our prayers for healing were not answered.

Through amazing circumstances the Lord led us to a church in Georgia* whose ministry is dedicated to unraveling the spiritual roots of disease. Thus began our miraculous God journey to health, healing and wholeness!

After an intense week of teaching and ministry, the pain, torment, sickness, and fear were gone! Bryn and Kari were both healed. Needless to say, our family was overcome with thankfulness and excitement! We had to share the wonderful news with others. We couldn’t keep our mouths shut about the amazing work of God in our lives!

Over the next nine months we attended several more seminars in order to gain more knowledge and ministry experience. Soon people started asking us to teach and minister and we began seeing God heal and restore their lives. In May 2004, we held our first teaching conference with 55 in attendance. People came excited and hungry to learn and receive God’s best. Many were touched and healed!

Following that first conference, 12 people (who had been dramatically touched) wanted to help in the ministry. This was the beginning of our Volunteer Team. Soon we had a growing volunteer team of other healed individuals and we started holding conferences throughout the Cincinnati area and in Indiana.

Over the last 18 years we have seen God touch, heal and restore many hundreds of people through the Restoring Lives International (RLI) conferences, teaching, training and ministry. It is very exciting and humbling to be a part of a ministry whose teachings are bringing hope and freedom back into people’s lives!  We love being a part of God’s work renewing minds, restoring bodies and reviving spirits!

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