Endorsements of RLI
“RLI directly addresses one of the biggest gaps in the discipleship process of the American church.  We can disciple people until the cows come home, but if they are living with hidden or misunderstood spiritual oppression or strongholds, they will not produce lasting fruit or reach their Kingdom potential.”

 – Pastor Denis Beausejour – Mariemont Community Church, Cincinnati, OH

“The whole RLI team comes with a heart to serve the local church and each individual attending the conference.  They support pastors, and understand their role to serve God by serving the church and its mission.  RLI understands Divine alignment and serves in submission to local leaders and congregations.  Their desire for spiritual covering secures a greater Holy Spirit anointing upon their ministry.”

– Pastor Peter Joudry – Madison Assembly of God, Madison, IN

“RLI is reviving the ministry of deliverance in the body of Christ and is helping people become free. Bryn and Mike Kelly lead this ministry in a manner that is fueled by love, not fear, and unlike other deliverance ministries, seek to make Jesus big, and not the devil.  I highly recommend RLI for your church or ministry.”

 – Pastor Chris Monaghan – Gateway, Richmond, IN

“If you’re looking for a ministry to support that measures up to the integrity that God calls the ministry to be, that is willing to go over and above, then Restoring Lives International will do that with your money.”

 – Pastor Pamela Wantz – Linden Avenue Baptist Church, Dayton, OH

“One of the greatest times of refreshing my wife and I have had in our lives as individuals and as Ministers of the Gospel was when we attended an RLI conference. We thank the Lord for RLI for being an instrument of His to restore lives. We cannot wait to have a RLI Conference in Honduras. What we have experienced, we want our precious people to experience too!”

– Pastors Luis & Mayra Sorto, Love without Boundaries, Honduras

“Bryn and Mike Kelly have worked tirelessly many years helping men and women become free from life’s sticking points that hold people back from being all they can be in Jesus Christ. I am thankful for their hard work and dedication to Jesus. The Spirit of the Lord is on them to proclaim the release of captives, the recovery of sight to the blind, and setting the oppressed free. They do all this is a loving safe way. To sum it up: They are just great people of faith in Jesus. I know of many people in the Dayton area who are free because of them.”

– Pastor Doug Roe -Vineyard Church, Beavercreek, OH

“Bryn and Mike Kelly, and their RLI team are amazing. They love people and want to see them set free from personal pain and oppression that so many precious souls wrestle with in life today. Their teachings, conferences and overall ministry are a force for good. I am so blessed to be able to recommend RLI to everyone. It truly is a loving and powerful ministry.”

– Pastor Randy D. Rice – LifeChurch West Chester




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