Possible toxic roots of disease



The following is a partial list of diseases and the POSSIBLE Toxic Roots linked to these diseases. RLI does not believe that all sickness or disease is caused by Toxic Roots in our thoughts and emotions but we do support medical and scientific studies that suggest that 87% of all sickness and disease originates from Toxic Roots and only 13% from other causes.(Page 4 of Who Switched Off My Brain? by Dr. Carolyn Leaf)

And you shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.” John 8:32

This list was gathered in part from the bestselling book, “A More Excellent Way”, by Pastor Henry Wright.

Restoring Lives International would like to acknowledge and thank Pastor Henry Wright and his “Be in Health” staff for their 20 plus years of ministry, teaching and research.

Their dedication to see God’s people healed has saved thousands of lives.

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Possible Toxic Roots of Disease

Fear, anxiety, and stress could be caused by peer pressure.
(See pg. 164)
ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder)
Comes out of a deaf and dumb spirit. Jesus cast out a dumb and deaf spirit from a person who could not speak.
(See pg. 195)
All addictions are rooted in the need to be loved.
(See pg. 244)
Spirits of infirmity.
(See pgs. 180, 211)
Alcoholism runs in families because there is a curse in that family that produces it. A person who is an alcoholic is actually allergic to alcohol.
(See pg. 244-245)
Alzheimer’s Disease
Self-hatred and guilt.
(See pg. 210)
Rage, anger, hostility and deep root of bitterness.
(See pg. 90-91)
Angina (pain)
Fear, anxiety, stress.
(See pgs. 155-156)
Self-hatred, self rejection, guilt.
(See pgs. 248-249)
Osteo — self-bitterness and not forgiving one’s self.
(See pg. 190)
Rheumatoid — fear, anxiety, stress and guilt.
(See pgs. 160-161)
Deep rooted fear, anxiety and stress.
(See pgs. 160 & 192)
Rejection, rebellion, anger.
(See pg. 209)
Back Problems Due to Muscle Contractions
Fear, anxiety, stress.
(See pg. 159)
Breast — Root of bitterness.
(See pg. 183-185)
Colon — Deeply rooted in bitterness and slander with the tongue.
(See pg. 181)
Ovarian — Self-hatred, unloving spirits, unclean, self-bitterness, self-loathing concerning her own sexuality.
(See pg. 186)
Prostate — Anger, guilt, self-hatred, self-bitterness.
(See pg. 187)
Skin — Evidence seems to involve taking care of the temple.
(See pg. 183)
Uterine — Need to be loved, promiscuity and uncleanness.
(See pg. 186)
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS)
Fear, anxiety and stress.
(See pg. 140)
Coronary Artery Disease
Self-rejection, self-bitterness, and self-hatred.
(See pg. 157-158)
Crohn’s Disease
Extreme self-rejection coupled with guilt.
(See pg. 174-175)
Cysts — Breast — Ovarian
Great bitterness, anger and great resentment toward the mother.
(See pg. 215)
Fear, Stress and anxiety.
(See pg. 134)
Self-hatred, self-rejection coupled with guilt, but with a fear, anxiety and stress rider attached to it.
(See pg. 164)
Dyslexia (A language based learning disability)
Self-rejection, self-hatred and guilt.
(See pg. 196)
Self-rejection, self-hatred.
(See pg. 219)
Deaf and dumb spirit. (Matthew 9:20-27). Can be an inherited generational curse.
(See pg. 200-203)
Anxiety, stress, and fear.
(See pg. 216-219)
(See pg. 241)
Grave’s Disease
Anxiety, fear and/or self-hatred, self-rejection and guilt
Hashimoto’s Disease
Fear, anxiety and stress.
Heart Arrhythmias
Chronic fear, anxiety and stress.
(See pg. 157)
Herpes (A Viral Infection)
Spirit of Infirmity
(See Viruses pg. 180-181).
High Cholesterol
Directly related to people who are very, very angry with themselves. They’re against themselves, they’re always putting themselves down.
(See pg. 211-212)
Anxiety, fear and self-rejection.
(See pg. 212-213)
Hypertension (High Blood Pressure)
Fear, stress, and anxiety.
(See pg. 156).
IBS — Irritable Bowel Syndrome
Anxiety, fear, and stress disorder.
(See pg. 162)
Extreme self-hatred, self-conflict and includes guilt. Performance also may be implicated.
(See pg. 177)
Malabsorption Syndrome
Anxiety, stress, and fear problems.
(See pg. 163)
The guilt comes from a conflict the person usually has with themselves because of a conflict they have in or with others in conjunction with fear.
(See pg. 229)
Mitral Valve Prolapse
Anxiety, fear and stress.
(See pg. 157)
Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS/EI)
A broken heart which destroys the immune system. Fear rooted in insecurity and great mistrust which also compromise the immune system. 85% to 90% are women who have strife in the home, leading to spiritual and emotional damage.
(See pg. 131-132)
Multiple Sclerosis
MS is rooted in deep self-hatred and guilt. This brought on by rejection, usually from a father.
(See pg. 177-178)
Anxiety, mental tension, and emotional disturbances.
(See pg. 164)
Fear, anxiety and stress (weakens the immune system).
(See pg. 238)
Parkinson’s Disease
Unresolved rejection, massive amounts of abandonment, rejection and hope deferred.
(See pg. 209-210)
Fear and anxiety disorder; the fear is normally not realistic. Panic attacks are a phobia. It often results from something a past fearful, hurtful circumstances. In children this could be from extreme conflicts in the home or school.
(See pg. 239)
Self-hatred, lack of self-esteem, and conflict with identity.
(See pg. 214)
Anxiety and fear.
(See pg. 234-235)
(See pg. 221-222)
Anxiety and fear disorder along with self-rejection and self-hatred.
(See pg. 212-213)
Sinusitis — Sinus Infections
Stress, anxiety, tension. Insecurity produces an excessive histamine secretion.
(See pg. 224)
Usually rooted in self-hatred.
(See pg. 223)
Self-rejection, self-bitterness, self-hatred.
(See pg. 158)
Type A Behavior (performance and/or perfectionism)
Drivenness, performance and perfectionism.
(See pg. 165)
Ulcerative Colitis
Fear, anxiety and stress.
(See pg. 162-163)
Varicose Veins
Anger, rage and resentment.
(See pg. 159)
Viruses (Viral in General)
Spirit of infirmity if they are a continual problem.
(See pg. 180)
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