“For years the trauma from sexual molestation, rape, rejection, neglect, defiance and disobedience caused severe side effects in my life.
These side effects caused many emotional casualties… including believing the lie that I was supposed to be a lesbian, ending up in jail from living a lifestyle of a follower – so desperate for acceptance.

Trauma caused me to live a life of self-sabotage combined with a false sense of security…  because I never felt worthy of love,  and never felt like I was enough. Oh, but then came Jesus! Thank God for the prayer warriors that stand in the gap! Unaddressed Trauma caused me to lose beautiful people God sent to love me. Trauma gives birth to fear, and fear would make me feel like I would lose them because of prior loss and rejection. This is an awful roller coaster to ride. It’s amazing how you never know how much bondage you are in until true freedom knocks on your heart’s door! Thank God for Jesus and his ultimate sacrifice on the cross!

Thank God for Pastor Pam and Mama Bryn! After experiencing deliverance during [RLI’s Deliverance] Training – chains that plagued me nearly 40 years were broken, hallelujah! I thought I was totally fine, I’d forgiven the predators, released those and forgiven those who deeply rejected me and wounded me severely. Like I’m going to church, serving the community, and paying tithes, bible study etc. However, again you never know how much bondage you are in until a true deliverance service takes place.

Thank you for helping to restore this life RLI… To God be the Glory for true freedom!

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