In the fall of 2022 my husband, Craig, and I surprisingly found ourselves on the brink of divorce. Craig was my best friend ever since we started dating, but suddenly, we found ourselves constantly arguing. Our family unit was slowly deteriorating. At moments, I remember questioning why Craig was acting so differently, but I just attributed it to stress, or the mid-life crisis that so many marriages go through. I just convinced myself that we were once in love, but we were now incompatible.

One day, I felt the Holy Spirit nudge me to dig deeper into our struggle. I started researching traumatic brain injuries because Craig had suffered multiple concussions in the past. I thought this could explain his drastic shift in personality. Post-concussion syndrome could explain this shift, so we decided to speak with his primary care physician about his recent symptoms. This led us down a dead-end path of too many prescriptions, horrible side effects, multiple doctor appointments, no answers, and no hope. From a young age, Craig was plagued with multiple illnesses and injuries. We just attributed all this to bad genetics and bad nutrition. So as an alternative to Western medicine, Craig worked with several naturopaths to optimize his nutrition and lifestyle habits. These changes offered some relief, however, the drastic shift in his personality persisted, along with our arguments.

Following a period of erratic behavior and arguing, Craig left the house and went missing for a few days. This behavior was very much against his character. I frantically tried to track him down, and when I drove down a winding road by our house, there was a major car accident. I knew it was him. In shock, the police informed me that he had been drinking and driving. His SUV flipped and was totaled. Thank God no one else was harmed in the accident. Craig was blessed to be alive after a wreck like that. When I spoke to Craig in the ER, he was in pain and seemed to be in a mental fog, but he was otherwise OK. The next day, his mental fog lifted and he was in complete shock over what had happened. He didn’t remember anything over those past few days – our argument, leaving the house, drinking, driving – NOTHING. And again, this sort of behavior was so against his character. He was a law-abiding citizen his entire life! We suddenly had a court battle on our hands. But who would believe a story like this?! Our next step was to have him plead guilty and go to jail for 3 months…but then God stepped in. A friend of mine heard what happened and convinced me to call her friend who was a Christian lawyer. He was able to reduce Craig’s sentence to 4 days in jail with 1 year of restricted driving privileges.

Mentally, Craig hit rock bottom after this bizarre major accident. He went into a deep depression. Most days, he didn’t even have the energy to get out of bed. He was unable to work and stayed home for 3 months. During this time, we sought the advice of several specialists. He told a neuropsychologist about his history of childhood sexual abuse. She then diagnosed him with dissociative disorder. We finally had an answer, however, the future looked bleak with this diagnosis. He started working with an appropriate therapist.

For quite some time, I wondered if there could be spiritual ties to all the things that Craig and his family had experienced. Several times, I mentioned that his family seems cursed since there seemed to always be something physically wrong with them. I came across a video of Derek Prince where he said that Jesus has given believers the authority to cast out demons. I started BALLING. I knew in my heart that this was the root cause of all these issues. Further research led me in search of a deliverance minister, and that led us to RLI and Bryn Kelly’s testimony. We completely resonated with her story! We contacted RLI immediately, and for the first time, we felt that we connected with the right people, people who understood what we were dealing with and could offer us TRUE HOPE!

We signed up for the first event they had, which was their Deliverance Training. We were given the advice that it’s best to start off with the Transforming Your Lives Conference, however, God cleared our busy schedules so that it was obvious that He planned for us to attend this Deliverance Training. On the first day, we were shocked to find out that dissociative disorder can have demonic roots. The next day, we went through our first group deliverance, and miraculously, Craig had his first healing! This healing was very profound. Craig actually struggled breathing for a moment and then after a period of violent coughing, the evil left him. He smiled and had a light in his eyes that I hadn’t seen in months! I also received healing for issues that I didn’t even realize I had! We were so joyful after this healing, and we were hungry for more teaching since we had never learned about this in our church. We felt such a strong connection with the entire RLI staff.

At the next RLI event, the TYL Conference, Craig and I found more healing and eye-opening teachings. We then registered for the TYL School. Prior to this event, Craig went through significant demonic oppression. I was able to use the tools that I learned from the Deliverance Training to help Craig and my family during this spiritual war. I was reassured by the RLI staff that Craig is going to be free, and that’s why the enemy is fighting so hard. Because my daughters witnessed this oppression first-hand, we decided to bring them to the TYL School with us. This was the best decision we ever made! God had an amazing plan for Craig, me, our girls, and our family all along. Praise God!!! Every week resulted in more and more healing, like peeling off the layers of an onion. The spiritual battle raged on; however, we now know what we are battling, and we have the tools to appropriate what Jesus died on the cross to give us. Our lives are forever changed.

Thanks be to God for this life-changing ministry!!! All along, we have felt called to use our story to further God’s kingdom work via this ministry. So RLI staff – be prepared to keep seeing us in the future. We love you all!!!

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