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Be Wise to the Lies of Addiction

Addiction Lies

If you are battling an addiction or have recently broken from an addiction, it’s no surprise that the enemy, the  ”father of lies” will be knocking on your door.  He will use all the tricks he knows to weaken you and convince you to find comfort in your addictions.  You must be prepared and be vigilant for these familiar lies:

1.  I deserve this.  It’s easy to tell yourself that the addiction is a reward because of good behavior or because you’ve been hurt in some way.  But the fact is – you don’t deserve it.  Why would you deserve what is a sin?  What you do deserve is God’s perfect plan for you and what you have is God’s perfect love, His perfect grace and His perfect forgiveness.

2.  It won’t hurt to do it just this once.  It does hurt.  It hurts you very badly.  When you stumble and return to your addiction, you just allowed that stuff back into your life.  “Just once is ok” becomes  “Just a few times is ok”. Before you know it, the addiction has taken control again and you will be in deeper than ever before. When God helps you close the door, keep it closed!

3.  No one will ever know.  Another lie from the enemy! – You know and God knows.  And it seems that everyone else eventually finds out also.  You ALWAYS get caught – one way or the other.  What is the trigger that moves you to your addiction, the need that longs to be filled?  Once you identify that, you can be vigilant and know how to react when that trigger is pulled.

4.  It will be okay, I can stop it anytime.  You tell yourself, “I can lay this down anytime I want.”  In the short run, you may be able to put it down temporarily.  But that doesn’t mean that in the future you won’t pick it up again.  And remember – It’s not about quitting, it’s about getting forgiveness from God, forgiving yourself and finding love in the right places!

I have a very good doctor friend who works with addicts.  He advises the following activities to help you avoid the craving, anxiety and deprivation of addiction.  Here are some things you can do take care of yourself, break the habits and be free when you start looking for love in the wrong places.

  1. Cleaning.  Get out the vacuum cleaner, pick up a dust rag and give your house a good cleaning.  Maybe that garage could use a good once over.  It will distract you and give you a sense of accomplishment at the same time.
  2. Exercise.   Take a long walk outside in a beautiful place.  Focus on the sights and sounds around you and glory in God’s creation.  The exercise will help your body, your mind and your spirit!
  3. Worship.  Listen to your favorite worship music when your soul is agitated.  Focusing on God through worship will comfort you and nurture you.
  4. Counterfeit it. When you’re craving the substance of your addiction, change it to something funny or uplifting in your mind.  When you are ready to light up a cigarette, think about taking a flower out of that cigarette pack and smelling it.
  5. Accountability Partner.  Find someone who can keep you on the straight and narrow, someone you can talk to when you are being tempted.  Just speaking to someone and saying the words out loud can lessen the power of the enemy’s lies.
  6. Sing a happy song.  I know this sounds silly, but the words we speak (and sing)  have great power and that happy song can help make you happy too!

It’s good to have a strategy prepared when you start hearing the lies of addiction. Being wise to the lies and having some simple power tools ready will help you ward off the enemy’s attack!

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