The Belief-Experience Cycle

This cycle shows how the LIES form and continue to gain strength in our life.

1.  The LIES are formed out of hurtful EXPERIENCES leading to…
2.  The formation of Ungodly BELIEFS.
3.  Out of the ungodly BELIEFS arise EXPECTATIONS
These EXPECTATIONS affect our
4.  BEHAVIOR, causing us also to influence the actions of others, leading to…
5.  EXPERIENCES in line with these BEHAVIORS, that confirm the LIES.

So the next question is … How can I break this vicious cycle?

The only way to break the cycle is to intervene between the Experience and the Belief stages of this cycle.  And the tool we use to destroy the cycle is a simple question.

Who Told You That?

You must learn to recognize whether you are hearing truth from God, or lies from the enemy.  You must choose to make God’s truth your new belief system!

As God’s truth takes root your experiences will become more “God” ordained.  Your BELIEF system will start to line up with God’s truths.  You will begin to EXPECT positive experiences in your life.  Your thinking will become more Christ-like and your BEHAVIOR will follow.  The resulting God EXPERIENCES will become the norm in your life.

When you reject the BELIEF that you are worthless, and replace it with the BELIEF that God made you worthy, you break the cycle.  You can then walk in EXPECTATION that you are blessed with gifts and abilities and that what you do is pleasing in God’s eyes.  When you walk in that expectation, your BEHAVIOR automatically aligns itself with that underlying belief.  And when your behavior changes, you EXPERIENCE the feelings and emotions that come with being accepted and worthy.

Start breaking the cycle this week! Identify one of your ungodly beliefs and go on a dedicated search and destroy mission to eliminate it from your Belief System!


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