Here is a poem that aptly describes how our beliefs impact our lives.

If you accept a belief  you reap a thought.

If you sow a thought you reap an attitude.

If you sow an attitude you reap an action.

If you sow an action you reap a habit.

If you sow a habit you reap a character.

If you sow a character you reap a destiny.

  Author unknown

If you hold an ungodly belief, it will permeate your thoughts.  When you continually think a certain way, it shapes your attitude.  When you approach a situation with an attitude based on wrong thinking, it will cause you to act a certain way.  If you repeatedly respond that way, you form a habit.  Your habits can determine your character, which ultimately affects your destiny.

Here’s an illustration:  A child grows up in a home filled with arguing, fighting and division.  The child’s belief:  “This is my fault; I’m bad.”  The child’s thoughts:  “If I keep quiet, no one will yell at me.  If I do everything perfectly and right it will be safe and I will be loved.”    The child’s action:  She becomes withdrawn and feels guilty.  She does what she thinks will please people and earn their love. This action becomes a habit.  As an adolescent she shuts down and is afraid to take any risks or ask for anything for fear she will be rejected.  Instead of character qualities of boldness and confidence, she has become timid and insecure.  As an adult, her destiny has been hijacked – it affects her opportunities, finances, relationships with God, self and others!

As we can see, ungodly beliefs are insidious and powerful.  Yet, they can be replaced even decades later, with Godly beliefs!


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