We have all been hurt in our lives.  Many ungodly beliefs result from the ungodly hurtful ways we have been treated.  Think back to your childhood years when you were most impressionable.  Are there incidents that affected you so strongly you have spent your life reliving, feeling and viewing them through the eyes of a child and through the feelings you experienced as a child?

We are particularly influenced by our family’s often repeated statements about us.  Parents, teachers, pastors all play an important role in the ungodly beliefs we have about ourselves.  We all tend to remember negative words far more easily than the encouraging ones.

Ungodly beliefs don’t just arise from hurtful events.  The enemy will use today’s social and cultural standards and morals to appeal to us.  The lies will seem so logical and contemporary.  “Everyone else is doing it, why shouldn’t I do it?”  These world standards permeate our society and tempt us away from God’s kingdom.

What is one of your ungodly beliefs about yourself?  What event(s) happened in your life that led to this belief?  Hold that belief in front of you and shine God’s light of truth on it.  Ask yourself   “Who told me that?”  You have taken the most important step to cut that lie out of your belief system!


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