When I think of what my life was like before my first conference in May of 2005, I shudder! It’s not like I didn’t love the Lord. I did – and do even more now. That wasn’t the issue. I simply didn’t know how approachable God is and how much He wants to be a part of my life  – every breathing moment I have.

I came to the conference hurting and in pain. Fibromyalgia had slowed me down and caused me to take medications that were putting me in la la land – separating me like a Plexiglas wall from the rest of the world.  I didn’t know what trusting the Lord was like. I didn’t know what listening to the Lord was like. I didn’t know that shame wasn’t from God. Going through the strongholds and learning what God is and isn’t was news to me. I didn’t know how important it was to check my thoughts and condsider the words coming out of my mouth were so important. I just didn’t know.

My healing was not instant either. It is an ongoing process. The more I seek Him and apply what He teaches me to my life, the freer I get. The Fibromyalgia left a long time ago – Thank you Jesus! Over the years, He has taught me how to trust Him. Over the years, He has taught me how to be obedient. He continues to teach me and I am so forever grateful for His goodness and love.

I will forever be grateful to RLI and the ministry they have been called to do. I have delighted in seeing that over the years, deliverance ministry is no longer a fanatical Christian thing on the edge of Christianity, but a real John the Baptist ministry that has true relevance in the Body of Christ. I look forward to more people in our region getting cleaned up, trained up and sent out. God is on the move in Cincinnati. What a blessing to be a part of it! Thank you Jesus!

tracy sheridanTracy Sheridan is has been a volunteer with Restoring Lives International for 15 years and loves helping people to experience freedom through Mother’s Love and Personal Ministry .  Tracy speaks French fluently and ijust retired from being  a teacher of ESL students (English as a Second Language) in the Cincinnati Public School System.  

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