Are you stuck?

Is there an area in your life where you can’t seem to make any progress?

It could be a broken relationship, an unhealthy pattern of behavior, or a lingering health issue.

Or perhaps you’re struggling to fully live in the destiny God has planned for you. You are pressing in for more of God in your life and hungry to grow in intimacy with Him, yet something keeps holding you back from experiencing the fullness of God.

The New Year is here and traditionally we spend a few moments making flimsy resolutions on how to improve ourselves in the coming year.  However, maybe it’s time to get serious about making positive spiritual changes in your life, before you sink completely into the quicksand of life.

So how do you get unstuck?  First you have to know “WHY” you are stuck.  The following are three major reasons we have found that keep believers stuck and unable to live the abundant life Jesus died to give us.

Reason #1:   SIN ISSUES  –  I’m going to step out of the “politically correct” arena and address the first and biggest reason so many believers are stuck…sin issues in their lives – unforgiveness, anger, envy, accusation just to name a few.  Sadly, some in the church don’t like to talk about sin.  Yet when sin issues stay hidden in our hearts, it keeps us crippled, captive and in bondage.  Sin affects our physical and emotional health and keeps us from experiencing God’s best in our lives.  God’s Word reminds us over and over again of the importance of acknowledging our sin (confession), repenting (turning from it) and appropriating God’s forgiveness through the cross of Jesus Christ. This will always bring us freedom, grace and healing. Over the last twelve years we have seen many people’s lives restored and healed through God’s loving, restoring plan!

Reason #2: LACK OF KNOWLEDGE – The second biggest reason is our lack of knowledge of our enemy and his kingdom. Hosea 4:6 tells us “My people are destroyed for a lack of knowledge.”  Like sin, many believers don’t like thinking about or acknowledging our enemy. However, if we don’t understand our enemy and the way he does battle against us, it allows his kingdom to keep acting illegally in and through our lives.  It’s imperative that all believers realize that the enemy is always tempting us in our thoughts and actions. He and his kingdom can keep us stuck in sin, negative behavior, and negative life circumstances.  It’s equally imperative that we know who we are in Christ and the power and authority available to us to overcome the enemy and live victoriously in and through Christ Jesus. Not knowing and living in Christ will also keep us stuck! The good news is that Christ’s work on the cross gave us everything we need to get free and live free… right now!  This knowledge is freeing and empowering!

Reason #3:  NEGATIVE BELIEF SYSTEMS – The third reason we stay stuck is our negative belief system, thought life, attitudes, emotions, habits, and desires. This keeps us in bondage and stuck in the old man (our old carnal nature and mind sets), versus living in our new, free empowered man in Christ Jesus. The truth is we are now NEW CREATIONS IN CHRIST JESUS! THE OLD HAS PASSED AWAY! Sadly many of us can’t seem to break free from the OLD life into our NEW. It keeps drawing us back to its familiar norm of bondage: physical pain and sickness, emotional torment, depression, fear, and brokenness in many areas of our life. If you want to learn more about our belief system and how to break free from the past check out a series of articles in our September newsletter.   Click here to learn more.

If you are serious about freeing yourself from the quicksand and getting unstuck, we highly recommend you attend a Restoring Lives International conference in 2016.  This amazing, life-changing conference is the heart of our freeing, healing ministry.  You will hear life empowering teaching, receive healing restoring ministry, and come away with biblical life tools to break free and live a whole, healed, healthy life!

We highly recommend an RLI conference if you are:

  • Struggling with depression, fear, stress and anxiety
  • Daily fighting fatigue and or physical pain
  • Suffering from disease, sickness, emotional torment or addictions
  • Finding it hard to break free from past hurts and trauma’s
  • Hungry for God and seeking to experience more of His love
  • Currently healthy and are looking for keys to stay healthy!

Attending the Restoring Your Life Conference will bring you answers, hope and freedom!


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