We would like to thank you for leading the RLI conference we attended last September, and share some of the powerful ways your ministry has impacted us. We were dating when we attended the conference, and RLI provided a wonderful opportunity for us to get to know each other in a deeper way while we were on the path toward marriage. Your conference was a huge asset when we went through premarital counseling with our pastor.

It was beautiful and uplifting to find freedom in Christ through repenting and receiving Christ’s forgiveness of our sins, especially the ones which have existed throughout our family lineages. We have experienced victory after victory in our relationship, having a greater understanding of how generational sin affects us and a greater awareness of God’s grace! Thank you so much for leading us to the point where we experience these victories every day 🙂

Participating in your conference also allowed us to develop wonderful, deep and unexpected friendships. For me, spending time in prayer with Christel on the last day of the conference was a life-giving breath of fresh air and powerful opportunity for me to offer forgiveness as a descendant of a Jewish family who was persecuted during the Holocaust. Christel greatly encouraged me during our time together and was able to gain freedom from the guilt she experienced from her German heritage. Absolutely gorgeous!

The teaching and counseling we received at RLI have helped us as a young married couple throughout a myriad of circumstances. We make a regular practice of recognizing the work of the enemy and praying against it. It is not easy, but we know God loves us and does not want us to be enslaved to sin patterns, failures, and regrets of the past. Your conference has greatly encouraged us, and we just wanted to let you know we really appreciate the work you do.

We have both of you lifted up in prayer, and are also praying the Lord will continue to equip you to fulfill His purpose for your life and ministry. Bryn, we are specifically praying that the Lord would keep your body strong so you can continue the great work that Christ has begun in your life which you have so passionately shared with us and many others. You are both powerful teachers and encouragers, and the Lord will continue to bring good fruit from your work and faithfulness.

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