Prior to attending my first RLI conference, I was completely worn out spiritually, emotionally, and physically due to stress, fear, anxiety, past serious accidents and illnesses involving our children, and recent deaths of both of my parents and my husband’s parents. I had bitterness /frustrations/lots of questions towards GOD because of all the “stuff” that kept happening. I had experienced back issues for 20+ years.

The conference helped me see that tormenting fear, doubt, and unbelief are from the enemy. During the conference, when they were ministering about fear, my back was healed; it felt free and un-strained! I didn’t say anything; I wanted to check it out to make sure. I have not seen a chiropractor for my back since and that was 8 years ago! God healed my broken heart too thru the conference as I did walkout and practiced the 8 R’s. Satan makes the bad stuff seem more real than GOD at times We can perish and give up because of lack of knowledge. Now I have the tools to say “NO MORE!” to the enemy. Our root group has met for 8+ years to pray for each other and encourage each other on a monthly basis. The worship and presence of the Lord is special at the conference as we learn about Our Savior. I have been to 5 conferences and God has used all 5 to do a work; I volunteered at conferences and God showed me I could help others find freedom from past hurts. If you get a chance to go to a conference, go!! God will meet you there and love you , heal you , and prepare you to help others.  Linda T.

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