My life was a train wreck! I was dealing with panic attacks, anxiety, stress, fear, sleepless nights, and severe depression. The train wreck was my childhood crashing into my adulthood with full force.  The scary part was that this was how I felt even before I was diagnosed with breast cancer.  I cried out to God for help and He eventually led me to RLI.  I say eventually, because I wasn’t ready to deal with people yet. You see, I hated people and it took me a while to want to reach out to others for help. The sad part was that when I growing up and for most of my adult life I was really outgoing and friendly. Over the years, life took a toll on me and I couldn’t deal with the world any longer.


Soon after my diagnosis, I knew it was time to seek help so I was open to checking out RLI.  Even though I was going through my surgeries, I was able to attend a RLI conference and it changed my life!  Each week a new topic was covered and I realized how much it had impacted me. RLI helped me deal with the truth and the lies about my life and the world around me.  RLI also gave me the tools to use on “how” to improve my life for the better. Because RLI is Christ centered, I knew this was the perfect place for me to feel safe and to heal.


Thanks to God and RLI, my greatest realization that I was healing came right after my 5th chemotherapy treatment. I was sitting alone at our kitchen island at 4:30 in the morning, unable to sleep, full of medication and without any hair. At this exact moment, I could honestly say with all of my heart that I was completely at peace – no more anxiety, fear, stress, or depression! Another amazing part is that I am now an RLI volunteer and am looking forward to helping others with their transformation!
Katie F.

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