If you’ve attended an RLI Conference, you may recognize Robin as the helpful face behind the book table.  Or you may have met her during Mother’s Love Ministry or on Personal Ministry Day.  Robin tells her story  of how she came to volunteer for RLI and what a positive difference it has made in her life!

The first time I went to an RLI conference was in 2006. I had a dear friend named Michelle whom I knew very well. We would get together once a month to keep in touch. One month I noticed a big change in her –  a positive change. I asked her what she had been doing, and she said she had been going to this RLI conference. So, I decided I needed to check it out.  I was very blessed at the first conference, and went to several more, allowing God to work in my life and set me free from bondages I had dealt with for years. My husband said he “got a new wife”.  It was 5 years before he was able to go to a conference. When he finally did go he was greatly blessed and our marriage got even better than before.

This is a ministry that you will not find in many churches today, and it is a very needed ministry!  People are struggling with issues in their lives and are not getting any understanding that there is something you can do about it. I love this ministry because not only do you receive healing through the teaching, but you are also taught how to go forward and pray for yourself and others. RLI does not make people dependent on RLI to be set free – in fact,  just the opposite. They teach and equip you to go forward in the strength and power of the Holy Spirit, with God directing your path.

My husband and I decided that we wanted to become volunteers. Our time is important to us,  so if we are going to put the time and effort into something, we want it to really count. We have chosen to be volunteers at RLI because we believe we are being good stewards of our time, to bless others in ways that we have been blessed. Being a part of the RLI ministry team challenges me to be better than what I am. Nothing else in my life right now causes me to be so mindful of the importance of my relationship with God. For me to pray for others, minister to them, and hear what the Holy Spirit might want me to share with them means that my personal relationship with God needs to be on target.  You can know a lot of scripture, and understand a lot of truth, however, RLI provides an environment to cause that truth to be manifested in your life.

Being on this team of volunteers is like being adopted into a family. We all have different jobs because we all have different giftings. We aren’t all the hand or the foot, but God needs more than just hands and feet. He needs the variety of giftings that He created to join together to achieve the goal, which is helping people know His love, and to know He cares about every little detail of their life. By being a volunteer for RLI, you are putting yourself in God’s hands to be an instrument for His glory.


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