I attended the RLI conference during the fall of 2014. For about two years before it I had been experiencing frustration and grief over not being able to feel God’s love for me although I knew He did. I also struggled with a lot of self-criticism, and the month before the conference I had so many voices in my head that were criticizing me that I thought I’d have a nervous breakdown. A friend had repeatedly invited me to the RLI conference so I decided to give it a try. I was desperate for help!

I was amazed to hear the story of God’s salvation in such a complete way. I’d been a Christian all my life, so I knew this information, but now I could see the big picture more clearly. I learned how MUCH God loved me and how I could have freedom from the voices, self-hatred, and distance from the Father. After deliverance from bitterness, rejection, fear, and unloving the voices were gone! After Mother’s/Father’s love, I felt, received, and rejoiced in the Father’s love for me! I was walking on air for a long time after, and I experienced the closeness of the Lord again. After the conference I realized that my stress headaches were gone! And I have been staying free because of the spiritual tools and teaching from Root Group. Praise the Lord!

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