Kids of all ages LOVE CHRISTMAS!   I mean, what’s not to love, right!? The twinkling lights, your neighbor’s yard with a 6′ blow-up Santa, and the wonderful smell of live evergreens…

We enjoy singing the beautiful old Christmas songs and watching our favorite Christmas movies. We bravely wear that tacky Christmas sweater, and eat Aunt Ruth’s legendary fruit cake, and giddily look forward the beautiful gifts under a decorated tree. The whole season is wrapped in wondrous anticipation of heartwarming memories filled with friends and family fun.

Yet, for all True believers in Christ, Christmas is so much more!

Our hearts are filled with joyful anticipation and awe-filled wonder as we celebrate God’s season of joy, love, hope, and ALL His fulfilled promises. Our focus and celebration is towards the fulfillment of His greatest promise – Our Savior Jesus Christ.

From the moment the angel appeared to Mary, the Spirit of great expectation was released into the earth.  The Anticipation and expectation of God’s promises to be fulfilled.


In fact, Christmas is THE season of Great Expectation!  All of God’s promises were fulfilled to us through Jesus. We can now, with great expectation, anticipate the fulfillment of his promises in and through our lives.

Yet for many of us, the Christmas Season can also be the Season of Great Disappointment:

  • Unfulfilled promises
  • Discouragement
  • Hopelessness
  • depression

The anticipation of the good, fun, and the glorious celebration of Jesus in our lives is overshadowed by the fear of another disappointing season.


We don’t have to live with disappointment any longer.

Disappointment is actually a spirit—a spirit that has found legal access into our life!

And the good news is that JESUS DID EVERYTHING so that we can defeat the spirit of disappointment and take back our life and live free.

Disappointment is a tool of the enemy uses to steal our hope, joy, fun, and love. When disappointment finds a foothold in our life, he’ll also bring his friends called sadness, discouragement and hopelessness into our relationships and future. This alliance will orchestrate and keep bad things happening over and over again until we are so disappointed and discouraged, we start believing that things will never change.  Their continual assault will make our heart sick! We will hurt physically, emotionally, spiritually and relationally.

Believe me, I know this spirit personally!
Disappointment hurts deeply and steals our dreams and joy. It steals our ability to hope, believe, anticipate or expect God’s best for our life. The continued un-fulfillment of our hopes and expectations sets us up for one disappointment after another. We feel hopeless that things will ever change. We blame ourselves and get hurt, offended and angry at others. The emotional pain and negative anticipation will make us emotionally and physically sick.  It opens the doors to increased disappointment and all of his other evil friends, who are ever so happy to continual their evil destructive assault on our lives, relationships and blessings.

I can’t tell you how many holidays were ruined by the spirit of disappointment. My stomach would ache with anxiety and I suffered from debilitating migraines. However, the cycle stopped once I discovered who I am in Christ. Jesus cam so that we can with confidence expect God’s VERY BEST in EVERY area of our lives:

  • Physical and emotional health
  • restored and peaceful relationships
  • success in our work
  • favor and blessings in our finances
  • the fulfillment of our divine destiny
  • and more!


So, how do we get rid of this evil spirit call disappointment?

Since Jesus defeated him on the cross, we can now appropriate the cross of Jesus Christ and the power of his blood against the spirit of disappointment and be free to enjoy God’s best.

If this message resonates within your life, the following is this week’s spiritual tool to break the bondage of the spirit of disappointment off of your life.
Say out loud and with great passion:

  • “Thank you, Jesus, for your perfect work on the cross and for healing and freeing me from the spirits of disappointment, discouragement, hopelessness, depression.” (and anything else Holy Spirit may show you)
  • “Father God, I am sorry for offending you and I repent for listening to and believing the lies of the enemy”
  • “In the name of Jesus the Christ, I break the assignment, bondage, power and curse of disappointment and (name all the other spirits) off of my body and soul, my relationships and every area of my life.”
  • “Thank you, Jesus, that right now you are instantly and totally forgiving and setting me free from the spirits of disappointment, discouragement, hopelessness, depression (and anything else Holy Spirit has revealed).”
  • “In the name of Jesus I Bind each one up (name them) and I command each one to GO NOW to the dry places in Jesus name by the power of the Holy Spirit.”
  • “Jesus, I receive my total healing, freedom, deliverance and your total restoration in every area of my being and life right now in Jesus name.”
  • “I Declare the resurrection life of Jesus over my body, soul, spirit, all of my relationships, holidays and holiday events, destiny, identity and finances.
  • “I Call forth the healing, restoring, renewing love, joy and peace of God to overflow me and my life right now in Jesus name.”
  • “Amen”!!

Remember: TAKE EVERY THOUGHT CAPTIVE! If it starts to come back…don’t allow it in Jesus name. Repeat the declarations above and command it to go and declare The Word of God over yourself and the situation. Jesus defeated these spirits on the cross. Now it’s your job to stand guard and not allowed to come back in. Ask Holy Spirit to help you, and he will.
Believe and expect God’s best for your life.
JESUS IS THE Fulfillment of Gods greatest Expectation,

I speak God’s blessing, peace, goodness, and favor over your lives.

May His love reign supreme over you and your family!

Blessings and Merry Christmas!

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