I grew up in what appeared to be a normal family in a nice suburb of Cleveland, Ohio. My dad was a wonderful man who functioned beautifully in the outside world. However, at home it was “peace at any price” and Dad was like one of his 3 kids.

Mother was a rage-aholic narcissist who abused all of us physically, verbally and emotionally. Home was the scariest place on earth, and Mother was the scariest person. Though I was the youngest of 3, and the only girl, I was like Cinderella — before the Prince came along… Nothing was ever good enough for Mother!

You can imagine how fragmented I was growing up in that kind of environment!! In my mind I felt persecuted constantly 24/7! Yet, I managed to function and “cover” quite well. I was a compliant child, a good student, friend and co-worker.

After college I had a successful career, and married a wonderful man that I met at work. We had a delightful daughter who is very precious to us! For many years I was in counseling with a very caring Christian counselor, but I never had the breakthrough I had hoped for.

When I was 63 back in 2011, I heard Bryn speak at a women’s meeting. Later that year I attended an RLI Conference. Throughout that week I was absorbing more and more TRUTH and letting go of the lies.

On the last day JESUS set me TOTALLY FREE from that Persecutor!! I finally felt like a whole integrated person. For the past 12 years, I have had more freedom and energy to really live the life God wanted me to live.

All glory to JESUS CHRIST, MY LORD AND SAVIOR – and – THANK YOU, Bryn, Mike, and the entire RLI Team!! God worked this miracle through you to literally change my life!! 

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