My healing testimony started about a year before discovering RLI.  I had battled back troubles ever since I had been in a car accident many years ago.  As a result, I spent countless hours and dollars going to various doctors.  Nothing seemed to fix the problem.  One day I woke up to a debilitating back pain.  I could no longer do ordinary tasks such as sweeping or emptying the dishwasher.  As time wore on, and treatment seemed futile, I became angry, depressed, and hopeless.  If this is what my life was going to be, I didn’t want it.

That despair lasted 18 months, during which time, by the grace of God, I kept moving.  God gave me the ability and desire to commit to a short walk four times a week.  I figured I was in pain whether I sat or was in motion, so why not keep moving?  One day I went for the usual walk.   When I came to where I would normally turn to head home, I heard the Holy Spirit whisper, “Go!”  I knew that I was to proceed ahead.  The path I took led me on an hour long walk.  I hadn’t been able to do that for a year and a half.  When I reached home, my back was significantly healed!  Praise be to God!

As time passed, I kept believing that complete healing would come. I knew that I served a God who doesn’t do things half way.  I couldn’t understand why it wasn’t happening.

Then in January 2015 my life imploded around me.  All the years of trying to fix my husband, my children, my life was for naught.  I couldn’t do it any more.  I felt hopeless and defeated.  I wanted to run away, but it was winter.  I couldn’t run, so I went to this RLI conference that an acquaintance had told me about.   I sat there night after night, listening and participating.  When I would go to my motel, I would pour through the cited scriptures and do my homework for the night.  This was my routine each day.  Finally the Saturday for personal ministry arrived.  I just kept thinking, “This is all well and good, but I still have to go home to the insanity and dysfunction of my family”.  Bryn met with me and assured me that healing was a process and that I just need to walk out what I had learned this week.  I was doubtful and resistant.

God proceeded to do for me what I couldn’t do for myself.  He changed me despite my doubts and resistance.  I found myself doing the very things I had learned at RLI.  Everything in me changed – my speaking, my prayers and meditation, my expectations of family members – everything, including my back!  God had completed the healing!

I now realize that God wanted more for me than just a healed back.  He wanted me to know the truth and power of who He is.  RLI taught me that and so much more.  God’s Word is as alive and active today as it was during Bible times.  That is why my life will never be the same!   You see, God is still working in my family.  I praise Him for the things I don’t yet see. I seek to live my life obedient to Jesus despite what happens around me.  Praise God!

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