A curse is like a long dark shadow from the past that stretches out over our life. It can shut out God’s blessings and keeps us from fulfilling our divine destiny. If you’re going to fight the enemy, you have to know who/what the enemy is!   Here are some circumstances that may point to a curse operating in one’s life:

  • Untimely Death: Before the full measure of one’s life.
  • Disease of every kind: Physical and mental.
  • Humiliation: Disgraced and shamed.
  • Barrenness: Unproductive or unfruitful.
  • Poverty and Destitution: Financial insufficiency.
  • Drought: Dryness or shortage.
  • Defeat: Setbacks; feeling vanquished
  • Helplessness: Powerless and inadequate.
  • Weakness: Lack of strength or vigor.
  • Danger: Liability or exposure to harm, accidents or injury.
  • Destruction: Demolition and annihilation.

Look around your circle of friends and family.  Do any of these circumstances seem to happen generation after generation?  Could one of these deadly curses be blocking you or your loved ones from the destiny God has for you? Recognizing a potential curse operating in your life is the first step toward getting free.

Begin by searching the Word of God and find out what He has to say about your life.  Rather than accepting things as they are, speak the Word of God over your circumstances.

  • Instead of untimely death – speak life
  • Instead of dsease  – speak health
  • Instead of humiliation – speak honor
  • Instead of barrenness – speak fruitfulness
  • Instead of poverty and destitution – speak abundance and security
  • Instead of Drought – speak of being refreshed
  • Instead of defeat – speak victory
  • Instead of Helplessness – speak capability in all things
  • Instead of Weakness-speak strength and stamina
  • Instead of Danger – speak safety
  • Instead of Destruction – speak protection

Many people in the above circumstances have found help, knowledge and freedom by attending an RLI conference.  Our Freedom Reigns Seminar is especially geared to understanding and abolishing the curses that may be affecting our lives.


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