Root Group



“Kickstart COmmunity” is the next step  in our healing and deliverance ministry for those who have attended a Restoring Lives International conference.  Even if it’s been a while since you attended a conference, this is a great way to refresh and reconnect your thinking to the great teachings of the conference.  “Kickstart Community” can help you plant new, stronger roots in God’s love so you can live in love and freedom as He intended!  Each evening, you will hear a talk by a speaker that will expand upon and reinforce the concepts learned at the conference.  Following the talk there will be time for questions and answers.  Then you will break into small groups with a facilitator to discuss, share and pray together.  You’ll be meeting with the same people in your small group throughout the 5 sessions, which gives you an opportunity to feel part of a community of people growing and learning together.

Come and grow strong in Him!


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