What Makes Restoring Lives International (RLI) Unique?

Reasons why RLI is unique from other teaching/healing ministries

  1. We address the toxic root issues in people’s lives that may be affecting their physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health.
  2. We teach the Mind-Body Connection: Doctors and medical scientists all agree that our thoughts and emotions affect our physical and mental health.
  3. Each teaching module is very comprehensive and extensive so that a person can successfully identify and deal with their root issues.
  4. We teach Biblical principles and life changing tools to get well and stay well.
  5. We teach and minister Father’s and Mother’s love.
  6. Spiritual/personal Cleansing.
  7. Throughout our conferences and seminars we offer prayer, healing and restorative ministry.
  8. Following each conference, we offer a 10week support system called Root Group that helps people to successfully walk into their health, healing and wholeness.
  9. We invest in people through equipping, training and releasing them into ministry and destiny.