What is Restoring Lives International (RLI)?

Restoring Lives International (RLI) is a faith-based wellness organization bringing health, healing and wholeness to the whole person – body, soul and spirit.  We are located in Cincinnati, Ohio and we serve the tri-state area of Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana.  Our passion is to share God’s goodness and help people find health, healing and freedom from physical sickness, disease, emotional torment, trauma, deep hurts, and fear. Through sound biblical principles and cutting-edge medical research, RLI provides insight into why one may be sick and how toxic thoughts, attitudes and behaviors can affect one’s physical, emotional and spiritual health.

RLI offers healing and equipping conferences and seminars throughout the country and abroad. The teachings are filled with powerful “life tools” that bring successful, positive life-changes and long-term health and healing.

The results speak for themselves! Thousands of people have been healed and remain healed from: fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, allergies, depression, addictions, diabetes, Parkinson’s disease, learning disabilities, cancer, trauma, and more!

If you would like to know more about Restoring Lives International (RLI), here are some links to tell you a little about us.  If you still have questions, then please contact us.  Stroll around the website and follow this tour to find out more about who RLI is!