Send Us Your Testimony!

Would you like to share the story of your healing?  Testimonies are a powerful way to re-ignite and fuel your faith!  Hearing stories of God’s healing power helps us understand the love, grace and healing He has for us.  Please share your testimony below!

LIfe Before RLI ?
Please tell us what your life was like before you attended an RLI conference. What were your conditions or illnesses? What was your mental state? What was your spiritual state?
What happened during the conference? ?
Please tell us what happened to you during the course of the conference. When did you start experiencing healing? What was the most impactful session?
What is your life like after the RLI Conference? ?
Please tell us what your life is like now after attending an RLI conference. What kind of healing did you experience? What is your mental state now? What is your spiritual state now? Have you been "walking out" your healing?