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    • Be Wise to the Lies of Addiction

      If you are battling an addiction or have recently broken from an addiction, it’s no surprise that the enemy, the  ”father of lies” will be knocking on your door.  He will use all the tricks he knows to weaken you and convince you to find comfort in your addictions.  You must […]

    • This is YOUR LIFE. This is YOUR LAND.

      This is YOUR LIFE.  This is YOUR LAND. Has your land fallen into disrepair?   Have things gotten a little rocky on your land?  Are the weeds starting to grow up around your feet?  Maybe you’ve stepped into a patch of mud and you seem to be tracking it all over […]

    • “Father, UP!”

      Two years ago we were blessed with the birth of our first grandchild, Olive.  Her mom and dad live near Cincinnati so we have been able to be a part of her life for these past two years, but a few months ago we had our first opportunity to have […]

    • #PowerTools: Put Down the Weapon of Accusation!

      Let’s be honest … words hurt!  They can hurt physically, emotionally and spiritually.  Words have the power to create, bless and bring life… or to destroy, curse and bring destruction to a person’s spirit, soul and body.  Accusing words can make us emotionally and physically sick – whether the words […]

    • The Power in His Name

      If Jesus’ words are actually true, have you ever taken a monent to think about the implications?  Any sickness can be healed. Any demon can be cast out.  Any sinner – you, a friend, a relative, an enemy – can be saved.  The mountains in people’s lives and their circumstances […]

    • #PowerTools: What He Bought for Us

      With the celebration of  Resurrection Sunday recently passed, it’s a perfect time to reflect on the the gifts Jesus’ sacrifice bought for you through his death and resurrection.  He bought these gifts and laid them at your feet, but it is your responsibility to open them, understand them and appropriate […]

    • Disarming the Spirit of Rejection

      Is this a picture of you in your childhood?  Left outside the circle and feeling rejected, lonely and confused?  Feeling rejected is one of the most emotionally devastating of all human emotions!  It can leave deep, painful, emotional wounds in your soul, spirit, body and heart. There is a little […]

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    • #PowerTools: Get Some Enthusiasm!

      Life is so much more fun and rewarding when you live it with enthusiasm!  Wouldn’t it be wonderful to feel the same eagerness, passion and zeal that children display when they are playing?  The primary dictionary definition of enthusiasm is: “an intense and eager enjoyment, interest or approval; a strong […]

    • God is Not to Blame!

      One of the most frequent questions we hear as Christians is “Why do bad things happen to good people?”  In this world we see evidence of bad things happening to good people all the time.  As a result, many people, both Christian and non-Christian, blame God and push themselves away […]

    • #PowerTools: Can You Hear the Whisper of God?

      There is a divine capacity to hear God’s voice built into all of us, a place where we will know His voice and respond.  We are free to hear Him in our hearts.  But just like world class athletes who practice daily to develop their skills, we must practice the […]

    • #Powertools: The Strength in Stillness

      A key part of a spiritual warrior’s character building is learning the ability to discipline our soul and to STILL the clamor within our hearts and minds.  It is vital that we learn to be quiet and be still, resting in God, even in the face of adversity.   Our first […]

    • January 2017 Newsletter

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    • #PowerTools: Five Kingdom Keys for Living

      On your life journey, there are doors  you open and doors you pass by.  Your choice to go through a door or not depends in large measure on your thoughts and beliefs at the time.  Here are five Kingdom Keys to help you open the doors to freedom, healing and […]

    • October 2016 Monthly Newsletter

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    • #PowerTools: The Unloving Gang

      Are you or someone you know struggling from the effects of past hurts and traumas?  Are you battling physical and/or emotional sickness and pain?  Do you feel trapped in an endless cycle of broken relationships, unfulfilled dreams, financial crisis and more?  Are you asking “What’s wrong with me?” or “What […]

    • September 2016 Newsletter

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    • #RLIPowerTools – Your Spiritual Fitness Regimen

      Every world class athlete trains for hours and days so that they can compete at the highest level.  Every warrior endures harsh physical training and engages in simulated exercises to prepare himself for battle.  Wouldn’t you like to be more prepared for the spiritual battle you fight every day?  How […]

    • Danny’s Story: From the Couch to the Kingdom

      As I sit here today and consider writing my testimony of how Restoring Lives International has impacted my life, I must face the reality that I presently have a life that is worth testifying about. I am now 71 years old. When I was 65 I retired from a career […]

    • #PowerTools: Are You Ready for Battle?

      We all love our heroes.  Whether it’s in movies, books or real life there’s something within every human being that loves watching two forces meet in battle and seeing good triumph over evil.  Why does it touch us at such a profound emotional level?  It’s because we were created that […]

    • #PowerTools – Your Choice: Door Number 1, 2 or 3?

      I grew up in a home that was filled with criticism, accusation, shame, and bitterness.  My mother was constantly shouting and berating me and it shaped me into a little girl who was afraid, timid and withdrawn.  The healing I have experienced through God’s love has freed me from that […]

    • August 2016 Monthly Newsletter

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    • #PowerTools: The Prison of Unforgiveness

      Is there someone in your life who you are having a hard time forgiving?  Is there someone who has committed an offense so overwhelming and devastating that you just can’t let it go?  There is a great danger in holding this kind of unforgiveness in your heart.  Unforgiveness can lead […]

    • June 2016 Monthly Newsletter

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    • #PowerTools: The Importance of Honoring Your Father

      Today is Father’s Day and a good time to reflect on what it means to “honor your father”.  Some of you have had fantastic fathers, some have had horrible fathers, and many of you have had fathers that lie somewhere in between.  They have their strengths, their weaknesses, their good […]

    • #PowerTools: Dancing with God – The Truth of God’s Love for You

      Today I want to fill you up with the truth about God’s love for you.  I want to remind you of the length, the width, the depth and the height of God’s love for you.  Your life in the Lord is all about the Father’s love for you.  He longs […]

    • Cole’s Story: Uprooting Hidden Bitterness from Childhood

      Before coming to the RLI conference, I suppressed a lot of feelings and emotions towards God, myself, and my family. As a child, I experienced a lot of physical and emotional pain. And, instead of seeking help, I blamed God for all my troubles.  I agreed with the thoughts in […]

    • Honestly, Who am I?

        Does your moral compass point toward honesty?  A few weeks ago in the May Newsletter we talked about the masks people wear that cover up their true identity. We try to hide the true and sometime ugly things inside us from others, and even more destructively, from ourselves.  Are […]

    • May 2016 Monthly Newsletter

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    • #PowerTools: Are You Wearing a Mask?

      By Bryn Kelly At the beginning of my healing/sanctification journey I learned that it was of utmost importance that I be honest with myself and honest with God – no matter how nasty, disgusting, or embarrassing the stuff inside me looked or felt.  No matter how afraid I was to […]

    • #PowerTool: Starting to Stray Off the Path? The Power of Repentance

      What can you do when junk starts creeping back into your life and you find yourself straying off God’s path for your life? How do you react when an old addiction tries to take control of your actions and you’re tempted to do something you know you shouldn’t? How do […]

    • April 2016 Monthly Newsletter

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    • March 2016 Monthly Newsletter

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    • #Powertools: Roadmap to Restoration: The 8 R’s

      How would you like a roadmap to health, restoration and freedom?  This month I want to share with you some fundamental steps to living free.  When we attended Pastor Henry Wright’s “For Your Life” conference in Thomaston, Georgia we were launched into a new adventure with God.  One of the […]

    • Testimony: A Young Man’s Journey

      My name is Austin and I am a 21 year old college student.  Before attending RLI’s conference I was living a life of total emptiness. I had deep emotional and mental problems coming from fear and bitterness towards myself and others. One morning, after waking up from a night of […]

    • February 2016 Monthly Newsletter

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    • March 2016 Monthly Newsletter

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    • #PowerTools: Overcoming Fear: Getting Beyond Fight or Flight

      By Kari Kelly Ten years ago, I felt like I was called to do a PhD in physics and by the second year I knew that I was sinking! I was sinking because I listened to LIES.  I started my PhD with the idea that I was called to solve […]

    • April’s Story: Fibromyalgia Gone!

      Several years ago I was miserable. I was battling extreme physical pain and fibromyalgia, I was battling a totally non-existent immune system, and I was in a very unhealthy marriage. I struggled daily with crippling, unnatural fears and panic attacks. I had spent years with medications, vitamins and an exercise […]

    • #PowerTools: The Good News about Fear

      Up until 13 years ago there wasn’t a day in my life that I wasn’t afraid.  I lived in fear and terror every moment of every day. Throughout my adult life I had a deep fear of people; everyone, even my parents.  I had fear that people would reject me, […]

    • #PowerTools: A Prescription For Health and Happiness

      When my brother Larry had his motorcycle accident, there was an open door ( a door point) to the spirits of fear, anger, and unforgiveness.  It more than likely affected his thoughts for most of his life: thoughts about the man who hit him, the motorcycle and especially the intersection […]

    • Door Points: An Open Door into Your Life

      It was in the fall of 1958 when my brother, Larry, who was a high school senior, purchased a new motorcycle.  Two days after he bought it, he was riding it back to the dealer for a tune-up.  Suddenly a car turned left coming towards him and hit him head-on.  […]

    • Do You Have a Backseat Driver?

      Do you ever feel like there is a backseat driver in your mind?  A voice that is constantly giving you bad directions, sending you down roads you really don’t want to travel; a constant distraction and an unwelcome companion?  It speaks a devious mixture of truth and lies that challenge […]

    • January 2016 Newsletter

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    • GCSTM Class Surprises Pizza Delivery Man!

      On  December 7, 2015, the Greater Cincinnati School of Transformational Ministry class participated in an amazing outreach adventure.  We were planning a pizza night and decided to surprise our pizza delivery person with a gift beyond his regular tip. We prayed in advance that God would send the right person. […]

    • Stuck? Three Reasons Why

      Are you stuck? Is there an area in your life where you can’t seem to make any progress? It could be a broken relationship, an unhealthy pattern of behavior, or a lingering health issue. Or perhaps you’re struggling to fully live in the destiny God has planned for you. You […]

    • Christmas Expectations or Christmas Disappointment?

      Kids of all ages LOVE CHRISTMAS!   I mean, what’s not to love, right!? The twinkling lights, your neighbor’s yard with a 6′ blow-up Santa, and the wonderful smell of live evergreens… We enjoy singing the beautiful old Christmas songs and watching our favorite Christmas movies. We bravely wear that tacky […]

    • December 2015 Newsletter

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    • RLI #PowerTools: Eight Ideas for Practicing Peacefullness

      The word “peace” appears over and over during the Christmas season.  It has many layers of meaning – for our world, our country, our cities, our families, our relationships and with ourselves.  For believers, we are celebrating the birth of the Prince of Peace, Jesus.  Still, managing peacefulness in our […]

    • 2015 Reach Benefit Dinner Update

      The Reach Benefit Dinner on November 13, 2015 was a fantastic evening of fellowship, inspiration and fun!  We thank the Great Wolf Lodge for their impeccable service and efficiency as they served our 400 guests!  The evening started with  a VIP reception for our underwriters and sponsors who had a […]


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