Endorsements of Restoring Lives International (RLI)

“The local church is geared to connect with people at all levels of knowledge of and maturity in the Word of God. It is our job to make sure that people are getting what they need. One of the most critical needs of people is “healing and health”. We have found no better way of addressing this long term, than partnering with trusted ministries. RLI is a trusted partner for Living Word Fellowship, and we have multiple people who have been healed and helped in tangible ways by their ministry! “

- Pastor Steve Peele – Living Word Fellowship, Loveland, Ohio

“If you’re looking for a ministry to support that measures up to the integrity that God calls the ministry to be; that is willing to go over and above, then Restoring Lives international will do that with your money.”
 - Pastor Pamela Wantz – Linden Avenue Baptist Church, Dayton, OH

” RLI has run along side us in raising up our leadership to be leaders that are confident because they have come out from under the bondages that were holding them back.”
- Pastor Jennifer Winter, Freedom Reign Fellowship, Dayton, OH

“What I appreciated about the ministry of RLI was that they created a safe, credible environment for people to be able to open up their hearts and receive ALL God had for them. They were found to be very trustworthy!”
- Pastor Chuck Clayton – Versailles, IN

“We have had several people attend the RLI conference and give testimony to lives set free from demonic strongholds – people experiencing newfound freedom and joy – as they live and love in Jesus with new boldness and passion.”
 - Pastor Denis Beausejour -  Mariemont Community Church,  Cincinnati, OH

“…This (Restoring Lives International) is not only good soil, but there is amazing fruit that’s going to come from it that, I believe, is going to go into the next 2 or 3 generations..”
- Marc Dupont -  Teaching Pastor at the Dayton Vineyard, Dayton, Ohio

 “I’ve seen changes in our people in a matter of hours that I believe probably would have taken years if not more to happen.  This conference has just helped them break off a lot of the things in their lives, strongholds and such that were holding them back.”
- Pastor Tom Gillespie -  New Vision Church – Harrison, Ohio